Pecan with yellow bandana

Welcome to Doggy Boho and our first ‘Boho Blog’

To celebrate the launch of our website,, we have created our first online blog. We hope to build our following by offering useful information and insights into the world of hounds and provide a showcase for our lovely products aimed at bringing out your hound’s true personality.

Back Story: How we began

Doggy Boho was born out of a love of sight hounds and of the idea that every hound has their own style and personality waiting to be discovered. Take Pecan, our first Lurcher (below). He was a grand old gentleman with a beautiful tan shaggy coat and he loved a stylish cravat.

Pecan with yellow bandanaAs for our current hound Charlie, also known as Mr Charles or Charlie Chops depending on his mood (Above), a shiny beaded torc against his beautiful  grey pelt suits him very well.  It really brings out his gentle but sparkly personality.

I want my hounds to stand out from the crowd and show their regal and aristocratic character. At the start, I searched for vintage scarves to use as bandanas and a friend sent me a beautiful beaded necklace from Sicily. I had so many positive comments when out walking the dog that I started to think about developing a business for hounds’ accessories.  Initially, I took my handmade products to shows organised by the Retired Greyhound Trust and soon realised that there was a demand for quality accessories with a touch of glamour for all those lovely retired greyhounds out there. Although now retired from racing, they finally need to indulge in a bit of “me” time and stylish dressing up!! The Doggy Boho website soon followed and the story continues.……….

As with many new businesses Doggy Boho evolved from the discovery that the dog world, as it stands, lacks subtle and stylish accessories especially for long hounds. During our regular online searches, however, we have since come across wonderful brands that sit perfectly with our ethos of selling only the products that have one or more of the following attributes: quality, style, functionality or just plain gorgeous! Now that our business is taking off, we have decided to share these quality brands with other long hound lovers through our website Doggy Boho. One example of this is a wonderful brand of dog coats, not only for greyhounds and whippets but for all breeds, Chilly DogsTM is your “function with flare” dog coat designer.

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