Yellow Freedom No Pull Harness


The Yellow Freedom No Pull Harness is ideal for dogs needing space. The harness is designed and manufactured by 2 Hounds Designs of the USA and proudly sold in the UK by Doggy Boho. Popular with many dog trainers and behaviourists, as well as rescue centres, who strive daily to find forever homes for shy, mistreated and challenging dogs who are often more difficult to rehome.

When Greyhound Rescue Wales contacted us asking if we could supply yellow harnesses as part of there ‘I need Space’ programme we just had to oblige!

The Yellow Freedom No Pull Harness is perfect for dogs who need space. The yellow of the ‘I need space’ programme is recognised nationally by a growing number of responsible dog owners. A yellow harness  can benefit dogs who are in training, have special needs, temperament issues, are recovering from an operation or injury or dogs that are particularly shy or nervous by drawing attention to their specific needs.

Use our contact form to pre order other sizes in the Yellow Freedom No Pull Harness.

Available Sizes:

1″    Small Chest 18″ to 24″ (To Order)

1″     Medium Chest 22″ to 28″

1″     Large Chest 26″ to 32″

1″     X Large Chest 30″ to 38″

1″     XX Large Chest 36″ to 44″ (To Order)

NOTE: The 1″ Freedom No Pull Harness training pack includes a double ended lead. 5/8″ Freedom No Pull Harness is not available in yellow.




Detail of Martingale effect, when your hound pulls, the harness tightensThe Yellow Freedom No Pull Harness, why it works: The Freedom No Pull Harness, by 2 Hound Designs of the USA, has a patented action loop that sits at the back of the dog between the shoulders. This allows your dog to walk in a straight line without twisting or straining, while discouraging pulling by tightening gently around the chest.

The Yellow Freedom No Pull Harness features a structural ring on the front of the chest for an additional control point which lets you “steer” your dog and redirect his or her attention. This makes training easier!  The training leash is included in the deluxe training package and has a doubled ended leash. This enables you to connect to the front and back of the harness simultaneously, allowing you to steer your dog – much like using the reins on a horse – and redirect his attention back to you, while using the tightening connection on the back to discourage pulling.

The Yellow Freedom No Pull harness is great for any dog but fantastic for more challenging or powerful breeds like Huskies, Mastiffs and German Shepherds due to the webbing strength and the martingale controlling aspect of the Martingale loop. As for short haired breeds, the Swiss velvet chest strap adds comfort when walking.

The Best Features in the Industry!

  • The Freedom No Pull Harness has stainless steel hardware and heavy duty nylon webbing sewn using industrial X-box stitch machines, this harness will keep your dog in check, whether he is 14 lbs. or 250+ lbs.
  • Comfort Conscious design with edges of webbing turned out to keep them from irritating your dog’s skin.
  • Swiss Velvet Lining on the strap that goes behind the legs helps prevent rubbing, chaffing and sores that are sometimes seen with other harness designs.
  • Four points of adjustment, which means this harness, can be adjusted to fit literally any dog body shape or type.
  • The Freedom No Pull Harness has a two ended leash (included in our Deluxe Training Package) that makes the harness into a full-fledged training package, allowing you to connect to the front and  back of the harness simultaneously so that you can stop pulling from the back and steer your dog from the front connection.
  • The 2 Hounds Freedom No Pull Harness is 100% made in the USA!