Winter Palace Martingale Collar


Here you will see the stunning Winter Palace Martingale Collar so elegantly worn by Ghost, a Russian Borzoi, who epitomises the decadent opulence and splender of imperial Russia during this historical period.



The Winter Palace Martingale Collar is named after the first grand imperial residence in St Petersburg Russia.  The Palace is now home to the Hermitage, the biggest museum in the world. Once the official residence of the Russian Tsars, is today one of the most famous and visited attractions in the city. 

The palace was constructed on a monumental scale intended to reflect the might and power of Imperial Russia. The opulence of the Winter Garden Martingale Collar reflects the beautifully decorative and Baraque design of the palace. The Winter Palace Martingale Collar epitomises the splender and decadent wealth of Imperial Russia.

Size : Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large.

Due to the nature of this beautiful Sari border the collar has a sand coloured luxury Swiss velvet loop which compliments the silk background of the fabric beautifully.