Vintage Braided Leather Tag Collar


Our Vintage Braided Leather Tag Collar is one of our most popular products. Braided Leather Tag Collars were part of our original collection when Doggy Boho first hit the Dog Show scene several years ago, long before tag collars were popular. We have recently re launched our Braided Leather Tag Collars, introducing a high quality signature collection of eleven fabulous colours to compliment our trademark vintage and retro theme.

Although colours have an antique feel to them, modern meets vintage with our contemporary stainless steel hardware. Our stylishly laser imprinted Doggy Boho Logo enhances the overall quality and appearance of the range which is sturdy, practical and hardwearing. With robust contrasting whipping, our new signature collection of antique style Braided Leather Tag Collars are sure to stand the test of time in terms of quality and design and are a must for any style conscious hound.



Our Vintage Braided Leather Tag Collar range consists of antique colours, both rich and subtle in tone giving an elegance and sophistication to our tag collar collection. We currently have eleven antique colours one of which is more than likely to compliment your hounds current collar collection.

Vintage Mouse, Vintage Camel, Vintage RavenVintage Braided Leather Tag Collar in Heather and Rose with matching Leather and Stainless Steel tassle

Vintage Indigo, Vintage Heather, Vintage Rose

Vintage Paprika, Vintage Chilli, Vintage Indian Red

Vintage Peppermint, Vintage Walnut

Currently we have three sizes available in our Vintage Braided Leather Tag Collar range which are quite versatile as they are design to hang in the hollow of your hounds neck and to display your dogs ID. The 18″/46mm fits a medium to Large hound while the 16″/41 is more suited to an average small to medium hound. We have also introduced a 20″/50mm for larger hounds like Wolfhounds and Dobermans.Vintage Braided Leather Tag Collar in Mouse

Although a little more expensive than some on the market, the quality of our braiding is second to none and your hounds new neck attire will last and age beautifully in time, like all high quality leather does.

SAFETY NOTE: Not to be used with a lead, for tag and decorative use only.


Additional information

Tag Collar Size

16"/41 cm, 18"/46cm, 20"/51cm

Braided Tag Collar Colour

Vintage Mouse, Vintage Camel, Vintage Raven, Vintage Indigo, Vintage Heather, Vintage Rose, Vintage Saffron, Vintage Chilli, Vintage Pomegranate, Vintage Peppermint, Vintage Walnut