Vintage Braided Leather Show Slip Lead


Our Vintage Braided Leather Show Slip Lead has been designed and made to our own specification and forms part of or Signature Collection.

Slip leads are ideal for teaching your dog to walk to heel and for showing. The braid is kind to your hands and as there is no chain collar to catch your dogs fur, the Vintage Braided Leather Show Slip Lead is also kind to your hound.

Available in Vintage Mouse, Vintage Camel and Vintage Heather



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The quality of our hand made Vintage Braided Leather Show Slip Lead is second to none and your hounds new neck attire will last and age beautifully with time like all high quality leather does. The Vintage Braided Leather Show Slip  Lead is a combination of both lead and collar and the braided leather adjustable neck-stop prevents your dog from pulling out of the lead. This is the perfect all in one solution for your dog show days as well as for more general use.

Slip Lead Length:  Approximately 58 inches or 150cm.

Handle circumference: Approximately 18 inches or 45cm

Other Features:  Looped handle, Sturdy Whipping, Braided Leather Stopper, , Stainless Steel Split Ring.

SAFETY NOTE: Not for hard to handle dogs for which we would suggest a Freedom No Pull Harness for ultimate control.