Stainless Steel Angel Wing Pendant


Our Stainless Steel Angel Wing Pendant is beautifully simple and extremely stylish. For everyday use or for that special occasion with their favourite collar. Your hound will not go unnoticed.

In many myths, wings have to be earned. In nature, wings allow birds and insects to fly and can represent speed. Symbolically they can protect us from evil.

Ideal for engraving your hounds name, date of birth or something more fanciful like ‘Earth Angel’ which most hounds are! Alternatively, add this beautiful pendant to your favourite chain to make a stunning statement piece for you.


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Our quality Stainless Steel Angel Wing Pendant measures approximately 2.5″ long by 3/4″. The depth of the wind is approximately 1/8″ (Approximately 6mm x 10mm x 3mm).


The reverse of the wing is blank and ideal for adding text. In addition, it  has a robust fitting with stainless steel split ring to attach to your hounds favourite collar. Remove the Split ring to make a feather necklace for you!


The wing is beautifully detailed and the size is perfectly proportioned. Ideal for attaching to one of our braided leather tag collars, to adorn a special going out collar or for everyday use as a symbol of protection.