Stag Christmas Collar


The Stag Christmas Collar has a real Hygga feel. It epitomises everything that’s right with the world. One definition of Hygga seems to me to be about being kind to yourself – indulging, having a nice time, not punishing or denying yourself anything including the same for your hounds!

The Stag Christmas Collar collar will be treasured for years to come. Image the nostalgia when opening your Christmas box of baubles and bells. To find this beautiful collar awaiting the elegant long neck of the hound who, will no doubt, be looking over your shoulder with delight!




The Stag Christmas Collar is one of two collar designs inspired by the Danish phenomena ‘Hygga’  Here we have a collar that will adorn your hounds neck every Christmas Day for a lifetime.  A delicate ribbon that demands very special care in order to maintain it’s beauty.stag-christmas-collar-available-with-nickel-or-brass-hardware

Collar Width:

2″ Martingale and 1.5″ House Collar

Size: Small 10″ to 14″  Medium 13″ to 17″ Large 16″ to 20″

Larger sizes available on request.


Solid brass or nickel plated brass

Optional coordinating bottle green luxury Swiss velvet lead.

Note: The Stag Christmas Collar is designed for very special occasions. In order to maintain it’s beauty do not allow this delicate collar to become too soiled. Do not rub, Spot cleaned if required.