Shisha Martingale Collar


This Indian inspired Shisha Martingale Collar is available in six oputent shades highlighted with shinny sequins to emulate Shisha embroidery, or mirror-work, which is a type of embroidery that attaches mirrors to fabric. The word “shisheh” means mirror in Persian. It is believed that mirror work will ward off evil by reflecting it away from the wearer thus protecting your hound from all that is evil in this world.



The use of Shisha, or mirror work, in embroidery stems from three Islamic beliefs: the first, that mirrors will trap the evil eye and hold its reflection for eternity; the second, that mirrors will ward off the evil eye by reflecting it away from the wearer, and the third that mirrors will dazzle the evil eye so that it will either go blind or, at the very least, blink and miss you. In any event, you can be confident that when your hound is wearing the Shisha Martingale Collar, with it’s mirror work embroidery, evil spirits will not trouble them.Shisha Rust Martingale Collar

The word shisha means little glass in Hindi and the origins of shisha work can be traced back to India and the reign of Shah Jehan who built the Taj Mahal in memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

Colour Options:

Indian Red – lined with Indian red Swiss velvet, optional Indian Red LeashShisha Martingale Collar - in six beautiful colour ways.

Midnight Blue – lined with Chocolate Swiss velvet, optional Chocolate Leash.

Pink Bazaar – lined with Shocking Pink Swiss velvet, optional Shocking Pink Leash.

Persian Blue – lined with Venetian Blue Swiss velvet, optional Venetian Blue Leash..

Curry – lined with Burgundy Swiss velvet, optional Burgunday Leash

Spice – lined with Old Gold Swiss velvet, optional Old Gold Leash.

Due to the nature of the embroidery and mirror work all martingale loops are made of the same Swiss velvet as the lining of each colour way.

Width: 1.5″ with full width martingale loop. Reduced loop available on request.


Small  –  10″ to 14″

Medium – 13″ to 17″

Large – 17″ to 21″

All Leashes are self lined and are 4ft long, unless otherwise requested.

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