Sasanian Martingale Collar


The Sasanian Martingale Collar is inspired by the exotic Sasanian Empire and flamboyant Persian design. The Sasanian Empire was the last period of the Persian Empire, between 224 and 651 AD, before the rise of Islam. Sasanian Art exported its forms and motifs eastwards to India, Turkistan and China and westward to Asia, the Balkans, Egypt and Spain and influenced textiles, silks and brocades around the world. During this time, every Persian but the peasants and priest aspired to dress above their station and this was displayed in the form of sumptuous and flamboyant garments adored with beautiful brocades such as the design seen in this gorgeous Collar. Let your hound reflect the aspirations of the Sasanian Empire with this stunning Martingale Collar of decadent velvet and brocade.







The Sasanian Martingale Collar has a base of velvet adorned with an intricate design of gold metallic filigree threads in a floral design and lined with luxury Swiss velvet.

Available in burgundy or sand lined with a complimentary luxury Swiss velvet which is a signature of Doggy Boho collars and leads. The martingale loop is again, in velvet due to the delicate filigree design of the fabric.

Width: 2″

Small: 12″ to 14″

Medium: 14″ to 16″

Large: 16″ to 18″

Hardware: Solid brass or nickel plaited brass.

Due to the nature of the fabric this collar has a velvet martingale loop and is designed for occasional use.  Do not allow the collar to become too soiled and wipe clean with a damp cloth only.

Also available as a 2″ House collar.

Add a 4ft luxury Swiss velvet lead to complete the look. Other lengths available on request.