Rough Diamond Martingale Collar


The naming of our Rough Diamond Martingale Collar is obviously a metaphor for the original unpolished state of diamond gemstones. It comes from the fact that when diamonds are newly mined, before they have been cut and polished – they don’t shine, in fact they look quite a lot like pebbles and are easily overlooked in their “rough” state. I’m sure we all know a rough diamond; a person with great potential but lacking polish and refinement, a person who does not seem very polite or well educated at first, although they have a good character, a person who has good qualities despite a rough exterior, someone or something whose good qualities are hidden, a person who is kinder and more amusing than they seem to be from their appearance and behaviour. Replace the word person with the word ‘Hound’ and again, I’m sure we all know a hound that fits this stereotype! 



The Rough Diamond Martingale Collar is made of a metallic red and gold cotton fabric with under tones of cream and burgundy. This collar would suit both boy and girl hounds as the rich deep red is beautifully bold and the shimmering gold detail adds sophistication.

Collar Size:
Ex Small 8″ to 12“, Small – 10″ to 14″, Medium – 13″ to 17″, Large – 16″ to 20″, Ex Large 16″ to 20”


2″ and 1.5″ Full Martingale Collar
2″ and 1.5″ Reduced Martingale Collar

Traditional brass or nickel plated brass.

Collar Care:
Caring for your Swallow Martingale Collar
Do not allow your collar to become too dirty. Spot clean, hand wash or gentle 30 Degree machine cycle.