Punkah Martingale Collar


In its original sense the Punkah is a portable fan, made from the leaf of the palmyra. For generations it was a symbol of wealth and luxury and could be found in the ornate palaces of Egypt and India and the design of this collar incorporates this idea. The Punkah Martingale Collar, with its stylised leaf design is available in emerald and copper and stands out against a sultry black chocolate background. To enrich and compliment the design the Punhak martingale collar has been lined in black luxury Swiss velvet as black as night which adds depth to the overall design. Ideal for big masculine boys but girls can wear it too.

NOTE: Please allow up to 14 working days for your Punhak Martingale Collar to be hand made in house by Doggy Boho.

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The Punkah Martingale Collar is hand made by us here at Doggy Boho and like all our luxury ribbon martingale collars has been given a wonderfully fitting name inspired by cultures and ancient traditions. We  hope this name reflects the sumptuous feel and ethos surrounding Doggy Boho. The Punkah Martingale Collar has been created from stunning woven jacquard ribbon, it is lined in fabulous Swiss velvet and interlined with durable nylon webbing whilst finished with high quality brass hardware. Each fabric has been chosen to complement the elegant necks of long hounds such as greyhounds, Salukis, lurchers and galgos but all will look suitably gorgeous on any short haired hound who can carry off a 2″ width collar. When choosing your new collar, take care to consider the pelt and eye colour in order to reveal the true and individual personality of your hound.

Collar Width: 2 Inch


Medium 13″ to 18″

Large 17″ to 22″

Customised sizes available on request.


Copper Orange/Black Chocolate, lined with black Swiss velvet.

Emerald Green/Black Chocolate, lined with black Swiss velvet.

Hardware: Brass including ‘D’ ring, nickel available on request.

Optional Coordinating Lead:

5ft rust, emerald or black. Luxury Swiss velvet. Other lengths available in our lead menu.

Punkah Martingale Collar available in Copper Orange or Emerald GreenShould you be unsure of the function of a martingale collar please see details of how the collar works under ‘Boho Blog’ at the top of this page.

Care Instructions: Amazingly durable, the Punkah Martingale Collar can be placed in a linen bag and machine washed using a delicate cycle then air dried flat. It can also be spot cleaned and hand washed. For best results do not allow collar to become too soiled.