Plum Blossom Martingale Collar


The Plum Blossom Martingale Collar is such a beautiful design for any time of year. In the midst of winter, before snow melts and the swallow returns, plum trees blossom in a barren landscape. Bracing the harshness of winter reminding people that new life is near and that spring will come. The Plum Blossom Martingale Collar celebrated the vitality of life, endurance through hardship, and hope that life will regenerate.

As if your hound isn’t stunning enough, heads will turn when they enter a room wearing this beautiful Chinese inspired Plum Blossom Martingale Collar no matter what time of year.





Plum  Blossom design - Jade, & Scarlet lined in gold satin, Turquoise lined in silver and Fuchsia lined in blackThe Plum Blossom Martingale Collar is not only a beautify design but the plum blossom is also an important symbol in Chinese culture. This delicate flower is known as a “friend of winter,” and is said to represent the value of endurance. Souls are tempered in the depth of experience, growing in inner strength and courage through the transition of time. What is more apt to describe the life of a retired greyhound. This beautiful Plum Blossom Martingale Collar is made all the more desirable by the spiritual significance behind the design.

The Plum Blossom Martingale Collar is an exclusive custom made design created by 2 Hounds Designs. We rarely sell collars made by anyone else but this is an exceptional design. It is very unlikely that you will find this collar anywhere else in the UK.

Satin is used to line the silk collar against smooth nylon webbing. Stress points are bar tacked in a box X pattern with bonded nylon thread and high quality brass or nickel plated hardware is once again used to best compliment each colour way. Available in four beautiful colours with Swiss velvet leashes in complimentary colours.

Collar Width: 2 Inch and 1.5 Inch (We do not recommend the 2 inch width martingale in small).


Medium 13″ to 17″

Large 16″ to 20″.


Scarlet background gold Plum Blossom, optional 5ftscarlet lead, brass hardware.

Fuchsia background black Plum Blossom, optional hot pink lead, nickel hardware.

Jade background gold Plum Blossom, optional emerald lead, brass hardware.

Turquoise background silver Plum Blossom, optional turquoise lead, nickel hardware