Plaited Flat Leather Tag Collar


Our Plaited Flat Leather Tag Collar is perfect for hounds who prefer to go near naked but who need to be identified should they stray from home. Stunning Spanish leather enhanced with a stylist plait effect. The Plaited Flat Leather Tag Collar is made from the same stunning Spanish leather as our Plain Flat Leather Tag Collar but enhanced with a stylist plait effect. A very hard wearing finish ensures a long lasting and sophisticated piece of neck attire that will weather and oil nicely with age. Seen here with a wonderful selection of tassel adornment.

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This lovely Plaited Flat Leather Tag Collar is a decorative version of our signature Plain Flat Leather Tag Collar and can be purchased on its own, with a matching tassel or a silver plated tassel. Depending on your mood, the collar can be worn in several ways and the tassel can be used with other favourite neck attire. When worn as an ID collar the Plaited Flat Leather Tag Collar should fit in the same way as a normal fishtail. However, when adorned with tassels and trinkets it should hang in the hollow of your hound’s long neck to create the desired effect. Additional hardware will be included for this purpose. Currently available in a lovely dark brown/black tone highlighted with a pretty plait of pink, blue and straw running  around the centre of the leather.

To care for your Plaited Flat Leather Tag CollarTo maintain colour and lustre, protect using high quality leather polish.

Note: The leather will appear a little stiff initially so before use gently manipulate the leather to the shape of your hound’s neck.