Mini Martingale Collar


The Mini Martingale Collar is made from luxury Swiss velvet and is one we have created for small long hound breeds and puppies. This collar, which is styled on our larger house collar can be adjusted to size and worn with a lead when out walking. We have an array of beautiful colours in the finest, softest luxury Swiss velvet. A matching 1″ lead is also available to complete this luxurious look.



The Mini Martingale Collar is 1″ wide and is made of luxury Swiss velvet. It is ideal for all kinds of small delicate long hounds such as lurchers, whippets and Italian greyhounds as well as other small dogs. It is also suitable for dogs with shorter necks than the average long hound.  Our Mini Martingale Collar is self lined for added softness, the collar is box X stitched and has solid and robust hardware to added safety. Please ensure you take into account the size of your hounds head when measuring their collar size. There is no buckle on a martingale and the collar is design to fit over your hounds head.

1" Mini Martingale CollarSize:

Ex Small 8″ to 12″

Small 10″ to 14″

Medium 12″ to 16″

Large 14″ to 18″

Larger sizes available on request.

Width: 1″

Hardware: Solid Brass or Nickel Plated.

Leash Option:

A matching 4ft Leash available in an array of beautiful colours.

Caring for your Mini Swiss Velvet Martingale Collar and Leash:

Do not allow your collar to become too dirty. Spot clean, hand wash or place in a laundry bag and wash on a gentle 30 Degree machine cycle.