Luxury Suede Collar Tassel


We hope you agree that our Lluxury Suede Collar tassel is a must for any hound worth it’s salt in the stylishly understated corner of the room. 

An ideal accessory for both leather and fabric collars, this beautiful tactile tassel is available in a multitude of subdued earthy tones that will slot perfectly into your hounds ever expanding Doggy Boho wardrobe of beautiful things.

Our luxury suede Collar tassel could very easily be used to adorn something of your own like a favourite handbag or purse.

Our ethos remains the same, to create beautiful accessories for your hound that compliment your own personal style. 



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Luxury Suede Collar Tassel construction –

Feathery strands of suede rolled into a luxury tassel.

Tassel length including stainless steel split ring 4″ (Approx 10cm) 

Length including stainless steel collar clip 5″ (Approx 13cm)

Colour Options:

Graphite, Seal, Denim, Forest, Copper, Mandarin, Dusky Pink, Heather, Fuchsia, Wine, Nutmeg, Mink.

Comes with split ring or split ring and optional stainless steel collar clip for easy attachment.