Limoncello House Collar


The Limoncello House Collar is inspired by the Ethnic style of traditional block print and the use of vegetable dyes. If you are a fan of fun colours, cool, patterns and artisan goods, you’ll love block print fabrics.  Beautifully soft lemon coloured cotton with a subtle turquoise, orange and lime floral design. The Limoncello House Collar is ideal for hounds and owners who love the distinctive cultural traits of this type of fabric. .



The Limoncello House Collar is part of a collection of block print inspired designs. Steeped in history, block printing has survived around 2,000 years, if not longer. It originated in Asia; however, today most pieces come from India where they’re made by hand using a technique that’s been passed down from generation to generation.  Fabrics are created using wooden blocks carved with wonderful designs which are then dipped in vegetable dyed pigments and printed onto cotton fabric.

Although not strictly block print we think the Limoncello House Collar is a wonderful substitute for the real thing with it’s beautifully soft lemon coloured base and subtle turquoise, orange and lime floral design. Finished with a pretty pink Swiss velvet lining suitable for the most delicate of necks

Small Limoncello CollarSize:

Small 10″ to 14″

Medium 13″ to 17″

Large 16″ to 20″

Larger sizes available on request.


Traditional nickel plated brass. Solid brass available on request.

Caring for your Limoncello House Collar: 

Do not allow your collar to become too dirty. Spot clean, hand wash or gentle 30 Degree machine cycle.