Leopard Print Martingale Collar


This stunning Leopard Print Martingale Collar has a beautiful soft, kitten like velvety feel. This is the only way to wear animal print, fake, fake, fake all the way !!



What could be more stunning than a Leopard Print Martingale Collar on a beautiful black hound? The meaning of the word fake in the dictionary is as follows: ‘An object that is made to look real or valuable in order to deceive people’. We are not out to deceive but think this animal print collar is a pretty good version of one of the most beautiful animals in the wild. We prefer to leave the real thing back in the wild where it belongs!!Leopard Print Martingale Collar

This beautiful Leopard Print Martingale Collar has a soft velvet like feel and is of a similar high quality to our luxury Swiss velvet collars and leads.


Small 10″ to 14″

Medium 13″ to 17″

Leash: 1″ wide, 6ft long

Hardware: Nickel