Kashmiri Martingale Collar


The Kashmiri Martingale Collar is adorned with an all-over classis Paisley print reinterpreted from a heritage design which oozes a discreet sense of sophistication. The Kashmiri Martingale collar has been name after Kashmir when the original design was first created in the 18th century.



The Kashmiri Martingale Collar – Here we have a classic Liberty paisley with very fine detailed line work. The original design was taken from a designs dating back to the 19th century. The paisley design is associated with Liberty because of its historic links with the Orient. The Paisley style design originally came from  Kashmir to Europe in the late 18th Century. Shawl designs were created for the European market during the 19th Century in various places, including Paisley, in Scotland, hence, the design name, the rest is history. Kashmiri Martingale Collar

Colour Way:

Silver grey, orange and turquoise multi lined with turquoise luxury Swiss velvet.

Collar Width:

2″ and 1.5″ Martingale Collar.  Also available as a house collar and matching bandana.

Note: A reduced martingale option is available on request and will have a coordinating Swiss velvet loop.

Collar Size:

Small – 10″ 14″, Medium – 13″ to 17″,  Large – 16″ to 20″

Larger sizes available on request.


Traditional brass, traditional nickel plated brass or shiny contemporary silver hardware..

Caring for your Kashmiri Martingale Collar: 

Do not allow your collar to become too dirty. Spot clean, hand wash or gentle 30 Degree machine cycle using a laundry bag.