Jezabel Martingale Collar


The Jezabel Martingale Collar, so called because of it’s fun and flirty appeal, is made from a gorgeous pink and gold Indian Silk brocade

The Jezabel Martingale Collar is very befitting of someone who uses their feminine ways to get what they want. Do you know a hound who should be called Jezabel?.



Jezabel CollarThe Jezabel Martingale Collar is made from a beautifully woven, not printed, brocade fabric. Brocade has always been associated with luxury and opulence. For many centuries damask and brocade fabrics were used as an indication of status. The richly patterned fabric is the most glamorous and needs no further embellishment.

The Jezabel Martingale Collar is beautifully lined. Velvet is used against smooth nylon webbing. Stress points are bar tacked in a box X pattern with bonded nylon thread and high quality solid brass  hardware is once again used.

Collar Width:

Jezabel Martingale Collar – 2″ and 1.5″

Jezabel House Collar – 1.5″ and 1″


Rose pink and gold damask lined with luxury fig Swiss velvet


Small 10″ to 14″  Medium 13″ to 17″ Large 16″ to 20″

Larger sizes available on request.


This particular collars suits solid brass hardware due to the emphasis of gold brocade within the design.

Caring for your collar and lead: Do not allow your collar to become too dirty, remember this collar is for very special occasions and not for everyday use. Spot clean or gentle hand wash.