Indian Wedding Martingale Collar


Our Indian Wedding Martingale Collar is so called because of it’s opulence and splendour. It is made from a stunning silk Sari border detailing a beautiful floral embroidered design. Available in six rich and opulent shades with accents of rich colour giving an overall majestic appeal. Have fun, dance and celebrate your hounds beautiful existence as they sparkle and shine whilst wearing this lavish Indian Wedding Martingale Collar.



Add s stunning Indian Wedding Martingale Collar is truly divine. Marriages in India are filled with ritual and celebration and are typically lavish. Why not celebrate your hounds existence with this beautiful silk Sari border design. Not purely for weddings but for any special occasions where your hound needs to display grandeur and a regal disposition. There is no doubt this elegant breed is truly worth it!

Colour Options:Indian Wedding Top - Jade Green, Purple Indigo.Indian Wedding Martingale Collar - beautifully embroidered Sari Border design.

Indian Red 

Turquoise Blue

Jade Green

Jet Black


Purple Indigo

All Indian Wedding Martingale Collars are lined with beautiful luxury Swiss velvet.  This adds  opulence to the design and is soft against your hounds delicate neck.

We suggest an old gold lead to compliment the decadent feel of this beautiful collar but if you prefer something different please contact us and we will best advise. 

This is a very special design and we recommend that it is used for very special occasions due to the nature of the delicate silk fabric and embroidered design.

Width: 2″ and 1.5″ available in small, medium large and ex large.


Small  –  10″ to 14″

Medium – 13″ to 17″

Large – 17″ to 21″

Ex Large 20″ to 24″