Hussar House Collar


The Hussar House Collar is reminiscent of the distinctive dress adopted by Light Cavalry regiments in European Colonial armies in the late 17th and early 18th century. Imagine War and Peace, the flamboyant dress and the decadent lifestyle of the toppling aristocracy and it’s regime during the era of the Russian Revolution. I see a cream Saluki walking into a gilded ballroom, the music stops and the room falls silent as the beauty of this stunning Hussar House Collar is realised!

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The Hussar House Collar has a  base of velvet adorned with an intricate design of gold metallic filigree threads and lined with luxury Swiss velvet.

Available in Raven Black and Cadmium Red

Width: 2″

Small: 12″ to 14″

Medium: 14″ to 16″

Large: 16″ to 18″

Hardware: Solid brass or nickel plaited brass.

Due to the nature of the fabric this collar is designed for occasional  use only.  Do not allow the collar to become too soiled and wipe clean with a damp cloth only.

Add a 4ft luxury Swiss velvet lead to complete the look. Other lengths available on request.