Gypsy Roamer Bandana


This Gypsy Roamer Bandana is yet another beautiful albeit traditional design. Traditional spots of white against a brightly coloured background of navy, red, cobalt, cerise, yellow and turquoise. Called ‘Gypsy Roamer due to the historical connections between travellers and sight hounds which is especially true of our flamboyant red spot option.

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There are five sizes available in our Gypsy Roamer Bandana with something to fit every neck size. So, if you have a house full of hounds why not treat them all to this splendid piece of neck attire. Available in an array of gypsy spots and flamboyant background colours associated with Gypsies and Romany travellers. The Gypsy Roamer Bandana is self lined to add substance and is  beautifully shaped, like all our Dog Bandana’s, to fit and tie perfectly around your hounds neck. 100% cotton and washable at 30 degrees.

Ex Small – Toy DogsLeo the Lurcher wearing Gypsy Roamer Dog Bandana in navy and white

Small – Italian Greyhound, Dachshund, Jack Russell

Medium – Whippet, Lurchers and small Greyhounds, Cocker Spaniel.

Large –  Large Greyhound, Labrador.

Ex Large – Wolfhound, German Shepherd, Doberman other large breeds.

Available in six colours all with crisp white spots – Navy, Red, Cobalt, Cerise, Yellow, Turquoise.