French Riviera Martingale Collar


There has never been a place on earth quite like the French Riviera of the 1920s and early 30s. Artists and writers from all over the world came to invent a new way of life, living in a world divided between a thirst for creativity and the hunt for happiness. The design of the French Riviera Collar conjures the romance of a by gone era, an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. Suited to the more sedate and sensitive hound searching for their own utopia.

Handmade to order.



The French Riviera Martingale Collar has cream foliage on a background of moss green or denim blue. Pastel Ditsy flowers add a delicacy to the design. Despite it’s romantic feel the French Riviera Martingale Collar would suit both boy and girl hounds of a sensitive nature. The smooth light weight cotton fabric makes this collar ideal for the delicate necks of sight hounds, both small and large. The French Riviera Martingale Collar is lined with contrasting luxury Swiss velvet adding warmth and richness to the overall composition.French Riviera - 1.5" House Collar 


2″ and 1.5″ Full Martingale Collar

1.5″ Reduced Martingale Collar

Collar Size:

Small – 10″ to 14″, Medium – 13″ to 17″,  Large – 16″ to 20″

Larger sizes available on request.


Traditional brass or nickel plated brass.

Caring for your French Riviera Collar: 

Do not allow your collar to become too dirty. Spot clean, hand wash or gentle 30 Degree machine cycle.