Flat Leather Tag Collar


This lovely Flat Leather Tag Collar is for any hound who wants a stylish way of showing off their identity. Attach a standard tag engraved detailing your hounds vital statistics or, to complete the Doggy Boho look, add a beautiful pewter tag engraved simply with their name. Less is more when it comes to our beautiful  Flat Leather Tag Collars.

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This beautiful Leather Tag Collar is a stylish alternative to the usual everyday collar you can buy just about anywhere. The difference here is that the beautiful Spanish leather and sturdy Zamak hardware will make this collar suitable for the wear and tear of everyday life but with the added stylish appeal of the Doggy Boho trademark. The thin but sturdy leather is ideal for hounds who like to go near naked. Currently available Blood Red, Lamp Black, Bottle Green, Indigo and Tan. The colour range is always expanding so please let us know if you would like us to go into full blown technicolour for hound’s who like to shout about their neck attire. This Flat Leather Tag Collar is designed to be worn as a tag collar and is not to be used with a lead. Please ensure when measuring you are able to place two fingers between your hound’s neck and the potential collar you are measuring for. Also remember to measure from where you would like the Flat Leather Tag Collar to sit around your hounds neck.

To care for your Flat Leather Tag Collar – To maintain colour and lustre, protect using high quality leather polish.

Note: The leather will appear a little stiff initially so before use gently manipulate the leather to the shape of your hound’s neck.