Doggy Boho Gift Voucher

The Doggy Boho Gift Voucher, a perfect solution to an age old dilemma! If you are looking to buy a close friend a gift but are unsure of quite what they would prefer then look no further than this page. You could even add the idea to your own gift ‘Wish List’ ensuring your hound gets exactly the right size, colour and design they (you) desire is so easy.

Avoid the hassle of purchasing an inappropriate gift and the embarrassment of your friend returning, or even worse, keeping an unsuitable gift that was probably chosen with the utmost care.



The Doggy Boho Gift Voucher is available in multiples of £5.00, £10.00 and £20.00. A beautifully designed gift card stylishly presented within a plain white high quality card makes this a very desirable gift. Indulge family and friends with a lavish, instantly recognisable, gift voucher from Doggy Boho.

To order your Doggy Boho Gift Voucher email or use our contact form located within our ‘Contact Us’ menu.

When purchasing your gift voucher please state clearly if Doggy Boho Gift Voucheryou would like the voucher posted to you or to the recipient on your behalf. If you would like a hand written message to be included in the card again, please detail this in the additional information box when contacting us. Postage for sending the card is free however, shipping costs will be added to the purchase when the voucher is presented. Please bear this in mind when deciding on the value of your gift.
Remember to:  
  • Provide both a billing and shipping address.
  • Quote ‘Gift Wrapped’ if you would like to send the voucher direct to the recipient.
  • Add details of what you would like written on the hand written note if required.
  • The voucher will be wrapped in pretty crisp tissue paper and sealed with the Doggy Boho logo. Your note will be placed inside the gift and ribbon will complete the look.