Dandelion Martingale Collar


We love this Scandi style Dandelion Martingale Collar design. This fabric is also reminiscent of retro 1950’s fabric design of St Ives so if you love simple retro design and have a love of all things retro this might be for you. The neutral shades and cool monochrome design is great for the boys and the girls.



Dandelion Martingale Collar is made from a retro inspired dandelion fabric screen printed in the UK onto a medium weight oyster linen union. The Dandelion Martingale Collar is available in two colours Cornish Blue and Sand Dune and has a crisp clean feel.

Additional information


2", 1.5"


Small, Medium, Large

Martingale Type

Full Fabric Loop, Reduced Swiss Velvet Loop


Solid Brass, Nickel Plated

Corresponding lead

4ft Double Sided Luxury Swiss Velvet Lead, No Lead