Cabaret Act One Martingale Collar


The Cabaret Act One Martingale Collar has a sultry and decadent feel. Image a smoke filled Parisian music hall of the early 20th Century with guests anticipating a fabulous show of ballet, acrobatics, pantomime, operetta and animal acts, many of which including spectacular special effects with the highlight of any evening being the dancing girls.

The feathery stylised motif of the Cabaret Act One Martingale Collar is reminiscent of the exoticism of the dancing girls of the Folies Bergere. Writers, and Artists such as Manet, were drawn to this fascinating establishment where different classes met in an environment in which strict bourgeois morality held no sway whatsoever.


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All our luxury decorative martingale collars are created from stunning fabrics and ribbons and the Cabaret Act One Martingale Collar is no exception. It is lined in fabulous Swiss velvet, interlined with durable nylon webbing and finished with high quality brass or nickel plated brass hardware.Cabaret Act One

Each fabric has been chosen to complement the elegant necks of long hounds such as greyhounds, whippets lurchers and galgos but all with look suitably gorgeous on any short haired breed. When choosing your new collar, take care to consider the pelt and the eye colour in order to reveal the true and individual personality of your hound.

Old gold and copper on a forest green background, lined with rust luxury Swiss Velvet. Contrasting 4ft rust luxury Swiss velvet lead is available to complete the look.



Brass or nickel plated brass hardware

Should you be unsure of the function of a Martingale Collar please see details of how the collar works under ‘Collar Information’ at the top of this page.

Care Instructions: The Cabaret Act One Martingale Collar has a slightly silky feel which oozes luxury.  Beware if your hound is a scratcher! This collar can be placed in a linen bag and machine washed using a delicate cycle then air dried. It can also be hand washed or spot cleaned. Do not allow the collar to become too dirty, alternate collars to prolong life and keep your best collars for special occasions.