Bohemian Beaded Torc


The decorative Bohemian Beaded Torc is available in different lengths and hippy colour combinations. Our latest design is securely fastened using a high quality stainless clasp to ensure safe keeping. The hippy seed bead  Torc is a must for everyday house wear as well as for special occasions and will take your hound to the most stylish of events and occasions.

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Inspired by the hippy culture of the sixties, this Bohemian Beaded Torc is made from braided leather which has been adored with colourful seed beads. These beaded dog necklaces are designed to hang just below your hound’s collar as a decorative display of colour. Choose from several bead mixcombinations to highlight your hounds hippy and colourful personality or maybe your hound prefers the addition of copper or silver bells Moroccan style, for a more ethnic feel. These beautiful Torcs are meticulously put together and handmade in the UK by Doggy Boho.

Please allow 10 days for delivery as all our torcs are made to order especially for your hound.