Beaded Double Braided Leather Torc


This fancy Beaded Double Braided Leather Torc is made to the same high standard as all our Braided collars but with the complimenting addition of beautifully coloured seed beads that shine like your hounds personality.

Available in several earthy tones plus three new colours for the winter season The Beaded Double Braided Leather Torc is fitted with ethnic inspired hardware which gives this piece a hippy and bohemian feel synonymous with Doggy Boho.

The Seed Beads have a wonderful shimmer to them and are a beautiful way for your hound to sparkle and twinkle at any time of year.



Beaded Double Braided Leather Torc - Tan with sparkle seed beads and stylish hardware The decorative hardware of this Beaded Double Braided Leather Torc adds a hippy and bohemian feel to your hounds fancy neck attire. Your Beaded Double Braided Leather Torc will be made to order in length 9″ to 20″ but should you find that you need your torc to be a little longer please contact us for a customised length.

Available in black, tan, biscuit, vintage grey, berry, denim and courgette with silver coloured decorative hardware. When worn by your hound you will see an unconventional piece of neck attire that makes you and your hound stand out from the crowd.

Each Torc will be adorned with a pretty collection of pink, purple, green, blue, cream, silver and gold seed beads and no one colour will be dominant. If there are any colours you do not care for please make this clear when ordering.

Add your dogs ID tag or something more fanciful to complete the look.

Beaded Double Braided Leather Torc length 9″ to 21″ .

Other custom made lengths are available on request for a small additional cost. Please email us to discuss your requirements.

Note: Please allow 10 days for delivery of your hand made Beaded Double Braided Torc with Indian Bells as all items are made to order especially for you.