Autumn Windfall Tweed Martingale Collar


The Autumn Windfall Tweed Martingale Collar is one of a selection of Harris Tweed cloths that adorn our ever increasing collection of tweed neck attire. Beautiful earth autumn tones adding a warm glow to your hounds winter wardrobe.

This stunning autumn colourway radiates tradition but the injection of teal undertones adds a modern twist. For hounds who love the warmth of wool around their neck and who aspire to the ideal of living a country lifestyle.



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The Autumn Windfall Tweed Martingale Collar is made from a beautifully rich coloured Harris Tweed. It is woven from 100%, pure new wool and is a cloth of quality and distinction.  The pure wool will radiate warmth around your hounds neck whilst your hound radiates traditional country style around your home.

We only use the best quality tweeds for all our colours and the reputation that goes before the Harris Tweed name  is  evidence of this. This range of collars is lined with luxury Swiss velvet, adding richness to the overall design and a touch of inner luxury against your hound’s neck, this is a trade mark of Doggy Boho neck attire.

Autumn Windfall Tweed Martingale Collar:  Earth shades of gold, copper and teal reflect an Autumn landscape.  The collar is lined with a contrasting teal  luxury Swiss velvet which draws out the subtle autumn tones of the tweed. Team with a 4ft matching tweed dress lead or, a 4ft luxury Swiss velvet lead in teal.

Collar Width: 2″, 1.5″.

Sizes: Small – 10″ to 14″,  Medium – 13″ to 18″,  Large – 15″ to 20″ – Other sizes are available.

Hardware: Solid Brass, Nickel Plated Brass.

Caring for your Autumn Windfall Tweed Martingale Collar and Lead: Do not allow your collar to become too dirty. Spot clean only, do not submerge in water or wash in the washing machine. Can be dry cleaned.