Martingale Collars

Unique Martingale collars for your greyhound (and other sighthounds too!). Something a little different to what’s on the high street. Take a look and order online today!

Martingale Collars make a great humane alternative to traditional collars for those concerned about their dog’s welfare when he or she tries to run suddenly.

Martingale collars are designed to gently tighten around the neck, because of this the collar will not slip over your hounds head when under pressure. This is the perfect collar for greyhounds, whippets & other sighthounds who’s heads are smaller than the circumference of their necks but is more and more popular with owners of other breeds due to it’s none slip properties. The Martingale Collar consists of a length of material with a metal slide at each end. A separate loop of material passes through the two sliders to create the martingale loop. The leash attaches to a D ring on this loop. When your dog tries to back out of the martingale, the collar tightens around his neck. The main part of the collar is adjustable and when the collar is properly fitted it will tighten just to the size of your hound’s neck, it won’t choke him but will prevent the hound from escaping. Apart from its functionality, the Martingale Collar comes in beautiful fabrics and gives an owner the opportunity to bring out their hounds personality.

Our Martingale Collars are one of our most popular types of collar which include plain Swiss Velvets and Decorative Brocades. The stunning design and high quality of each of our martingale collars is unsurpassed. Our collection is constantly evolving and we are always introducing new and exciting designs.

Often our fabrics and ribbons are available in limited quantities to ensure individuality. Our collection is aimed at hounds and their owners who love to stand out in a crowd but who enjoy the subtlety and elegance of our range.