Liberty Print Fabric

“I was determined not to follow existing fashion but to create new ones.” – Arthur Lasenby Liberty.
In 1875, Arthur Lasenby Liberty borrowed £2,000 from his future Father in Law and took over half of the mock-Tudor premises we now recognise as the iconic Liberty store in Londons Regents Street with the main entrance situated on Great Marlborough Street. Within 18 months the loan was repaid and the remaining premise, along with neighbouring properties, was also purchased. With three dedicated staff, Arthur Lasenby Liberty set out with determination to change the look of home ware and fashion by realising his vision of an Eastern Bazaar.
The store was gradually filled with wonderfully exotic ornaments, the finest carpets and kilims, the grandest of Oriental furniture and opulent fabrics from the silk roads of China. The whole ethos of Arthur Liberty’s dream was irresistible to a society hungry for the exoticism and cultural wealth of the far and Middle East.
Over the years Arthur Lasenby Liberty became a Royal warrant holder and because of this, he was able to forged strong relationships with many British designers. The most most famous were those of the Art Nouveau movement and is evident in many Liberty Art Fabric designs. Together they made in house apparel of impeccable quality which remains the ethos of the brand today.
Over 140 years later the nostalgia of the fashion house of Liberty is as influential as it always has been and even the world of dog collars cannot escape it’s legacy. As Oscar Wilde allegedly said “Liberty is the chosen resort of the artistic shopper.” We say, “Including their pets”.

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