Our Back Story

Read our back story to truly understand what inspired Doggy Boho. The idea for Doggy Boho evolved from our first dog, a Lurcher named Pecan, who forms our back story toCategory Stepping Out how and why Doggy Boho exists. A real gentlemen, Pecan would always be dressed in fancy neck attire like stylish bandanas that changed with the seasons. Once people recognised that he was a dog of distinction they would make a point of seeking out vintage scarves for him to parade around in. Pecan was looked upon as a true fashion icon to the point that he was eventually renowned for being the ‘best dressed dog in the village’

Sadly Pecan died and along sauntered Charlie, a slightly neglected retired greyhound. It took some time for him to come out of his shell, realise his luck and make his mark. Being such an unassuming and shy boy. scarves didn’t seem to be his thing so a gift that had been given to Pecan became his first piece neck attire – a brightly Charlie_Black_and_Whitecoloured seed bead and cotton braided necklace. This was again commented upon when out walking unfortunately, it had so much wear that eventually the delicate strands of cotton broke and one by one the beads were lost. It was then that I made a more substantial leather braided torc which again had pretty beads that sparkled like Charlie’s personality and which was secured around his neck with a magnetic clasp – very stylish indeed! Charlie too, has since crossed the bridge. We now have Larry, another beautiful greyhound who has yet to show his preference regarding fancy neck attire.

Larry wearing Bedouin Martingale Collar - Desert Night.Like most pets, Pecan and Charlie had their own personalities and human characteristics which determined their choice of fancy neck attire. Pecan, a tan coloured deerhound cross with a beautiful shaggy rough coat, wore the more gentlemanly cravat while Charlie looked good wearing brightly coloured beads which stood out on his short glossy blue/grey fur. Larry, a white and black greyhound is a little harder to dress but a two tone black and white braided house collar blends well with his coat and is just right for carrying his name tag whilst a swish navy velvet martingale collar is his choice for stepping out. For these most elegant of breeds the emphasis must be on style and understatement.

One thing led to another and it was by chance we attended our first fun dog show organised by the Retired Greyhound Trust where we sold a small range of our handmade beaded torcs, bandanas and other fancy neck attire. Following our success taking these items to selective Dog Shows we have created this website to introduce our products to a wider audience.

From the need to humanise our pets and the desire to give them anthropomorphic traits, Doggy Boho was born. If any dog can be seen to have human characteristics then Greyhounds, Lurchers and Whippets are at the top of the list – Other dog breed owners may agree to differ!

By choosing Doggy Boho you are making a statement about both you and the dog you love. These noble and sincere hounds have truly inspired the ethos of this business.