Boho Boys of the Month: Yankee and Flash

For everyone who’s wondering what happened about the November Boho Babe, this month we have a bumper group of models. The homeless hounds of Hertfordshire got together […]

Boho Boy of the Month: Mally

Mally is a sweet-natured, biddable lurcher, a gentle and loving boy who just needs a chance to prove what a perfect pet he could be. […]

Boho Babe of the Month: Misty

Boho Babe of the month for May is Misty. A tricolour lurcher rescued from the most difficult conditions. Before her rescue, she was kept in a basement […]

Boho Boy of the Month: Murphy

What’s smooth, dark, dashing and Irish?  Murphy! The Boho Boy of the Month for April, seeking a home through Sighthound Stopgap. This is what Sighthound […]