Boho Brindles of the Month: Mork and Mindy

Mork and Mindy 1Brindle lurchers Mork and Mindy are today’s star models from the Hertfordshire Hounds Fashion Week photo shoot.

Mork and Mindy are brother and sister, six years old, and they’re devoted to one another and need to be homed together.  This is what Mork says: “We do everything together, we play, eat, sleep and go on amazing adventures together, we’re inseparable and we’d like to stay together for all of space and time.” Available for homing from GR WE.


Mork and Mindy 3 Mork and Mindy 2 Mork and Mindy 4






ABOUT: Boho Babes of the Month is a joint project between Madaboutgreys Photography and Doggy Boho. Working with various sighthound rescues, we aim to highlight the case for overlooked and special hounds waiting in rescue for their forever homes.

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