Boho Boy of the Month: Gorgeous Lurcher Zuba

Zuba 2Next up in the Hertfordshire Hounds Fashion Week is gorgeous lurcher Zuba, possibly whippet cross collie, who knows, but he’s lovely whatever mix he is. Pocket rocket Zuba is a little lad with a huge character, available for homing from GRWE.  He has lived in a home before with small children and with other dogs and he loved both. He has possibly the cutest and the most reliable head tilt of any dog I ever photographed – a dog photographer’s dream subject.  He’d so like to be back in a home again home.  Contact GRWE if you think you can offer Zuba a home.


Zuba 1Zuba 3Zuba 4






ABOUT: Boho Babes of the Month is a joint project between Madaboutgreys Photography and Doggy Boho. Working with various sight hound rescues, we aim to highlight the case for overlooked and special hounds waiting in rescue for their forever homes.

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