Boho Babes of The Month: Oscar and Pearl

Oscar and Pearl 3 Oscar and Pearl (2)Just sneaking in under the wire, here are our Boho Babes of the Month for July! Greyhounds Oscar and Pearl are two oldies seeking a home together for a quiet and easy-going retirement.  Two score years between them, their ambition is to keep their teeth and show arthritis a clean pair of heels.  If you were expecting them to be a doddery old pair, you’d be in for a surprise. Oldies still know how to rock and roll.

They have been together through thick and thin and want to keep it that way, so they are looking for a home together.  If you think you could be the right home for these lovely greyhounds, contact Celia Cross D4S_6901Greyhound Trust.

ABOUT: Boho Babes of the Month is a joint project between Madaboutgreys Photography and Doggy Boho.  Working with various sighthound rescues, we aim to highlight the case for overlooked and special hounds waiting in rescue for their forever homes. Here the pear are sporting their matching Aberdeen Tartan house collars which will be going with them to their new home. The first of many accessories we hope!D4S_6920

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