Boho Babe of the Month: Molly. Mouthwatering Molly has now been rehomes.

Meet  Januarys Boho Babe of the Month for January. Molly, a whippet cross patterdale terrier lurcher, is seeking a adoption through Southern Lurcher Rescue (SLR).  Molly is a very friendly, tiny little girl, just 18″ to the shoulder.  She lost a leg at some stage in the past but she gets along just fine and it doesn’t trouble her at all so don’t let this stop you loving this gorgeous little girl. SLR says “She is a lovely little girlie, neutered, vaccinated and ready for a forever home.

She is currently in a multi-pack foster home. She is a bossy little moo and may be happier back as an only dog, but the pack give in to her. Child friendly and just gorgeous.”  I was so glad to get to meet and photograph Molly as part of my Boho Babe of the Month project which I’m running jointly with Doggy Boho, to help overlooked and needy sight hounds find loving homes.  If you think you could give this loving and lovely little pocket rocket a home, contact SLR here.

Boho Babe Number 3 Molly 5Boho Babe Number 3 Molly 1Neckwear by Doggy Boho

Photography by Liz Coleman of Madaboutgreys

Molly is seeking a adoption through Southern Lurcher Rescue (SLR).

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