Boho Babe of the Month: Amazing Bonnie

Amazing Bonnie 3 Amazing Bonnie 1Last up for the Boho Babes line up for November is stunning black lurcher Bonnie aka Amazing Bonnie. Bonnie is a 4 year old black beauty with lots of love to give.  Bonnie says “My favourite things are people and walking, or more specifically walking with people. I get on well with other dogs and I’m looking for a home with a family who can take me for nice brisk walks or need me to take them for nice brisk walks, that would work too!”  So an active home is top of her wish list…  Available for homing from GRWE.

Amazing Bonnie 2Amazing Bonnie 4

ABOUT: Boho Babes of the Month is a joint project between Madaboutgreys Photography and Doggy Boho. Working with various sight hound rescues, we aim to highlight the case for overlooked and special hounds waiting in rescue for their forever homes.

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