Boho Babe of the Month: Flossie. Flirtatious Flossie has now been rehomed.

It’s a bumper month for Boho Babes with not one but ten babes this month.  Keep reading and you’ll realise why.  First up is Flossie, an absolutely stunning saluki cross girl who was rescued by Southern Lurcher Rescue (SLR) when heavily pregnant.  It’s been a tough couple of months for Flossie: nine puppies birthed and nurtured, one poorly ear, and two bouts of extremely painful mastitis.  But the pups are now weaned and ready to go, and so is Flossie.  If ever a girl deserved some quality “me time’, it’s Flossie. She is available for adoption through SLR and already has serious interest.  Watch this space for the other nine Boho Babes – the Flossie Pups…

FOOTNOTE:  Flossie are her pups are number 4 in the Boho Babe of the Month project which is being run jointly  with Doggy Boho and madaboutgreys to help overlooked and needy sight hounds find loving homes.  Flossie is wearing the most stunning pink velvet collar and charm, kindly gifted to her by Doggy Boho, to mark the beginning of her new life. Liz of Mad About Greys has done a fantastic job of photographing Flossie and her pups. Their Rock Candy bandanas really do look lovely on the pups

What do they say never work with? but I understand it was a complete delight!! I also hear that Flossie is looking forward to a little bit of me time!

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