Purchase individually or as a set of four.
From Top - mauve, lilac, pale moss and almondDetail of whimsical prancing hound.All with cream check ribbon tag for hanging.From Left - mauve and pale ivy.Beautiful free hand caligraphy with prancing hounds.Hound entwined with hand stencilled foliage.Whimsical Hound Christmas StockingPurchase individually or as a set of four.From left - almond and lilac

Whimsical Hound Christmas Stocking


This beautifully Whimsical Hound Christmas Stocking has been specially designed and screen printed for Doggy Boho.

There are four subtle colour ways all of which are decorated with a lovely leafy pattern entwined through the word ‘Christmas’ Within the design there are several prancing hounds which give the stocking a wonderful whimsical and spirited appeal that only hound lovers will understand.

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Product Description

The Whimsical Hound Christmas Stocking is made from Chambray cotton in hues of Lilac, mauve, ivy and almond.  The calligraphy is screen printed in black ink.  A ribbon tag is attach for hanging.

Use as a decoration around your Hearth, fill with festive treats for your hound or use to conceal a Christmas gift for a loved one.

Each stocking measures roughly 12″ long and 6″ wide

£12.00 each or purchase a set of four at £45.00

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Lilac, Mauve, Pale Ivy, Almond, Set of Four