Large Sphere with Arabian Night Tag Collar
Detail of Large Polished SphereFrom Left to Right -  Large Sphere, Large Conical, Medium Green Agate, Medium PearlA selection of solid silver Middle East Collar TasselsHighly polished Conical with Desert Sand Tag CollarFrom Left - Solid silver polished Sphere Collar Tassel with Arabian Night Tag Collar, Right - Solid silver highly polished Conical Collar Tassel with Desert Sand Tag CollarLarge Sphere with Arabian Night Tag Collar

Solid Silver Collar Tassel


Included in our Middle Eastern inspired collection is this beautiful Solid Silver Collar Tassel. Similar to our smaller plaited version yet more beautiful and worthy. Attach to an elegant Leather Braided Tag Collar or a beautiful Decorative Collar and your hound would not look out of place settled in a Bedouin tent next to an Arabian Prince. Maybe you intend to marry and have your hound as part of your celebration? This beautiful Solid Silver Middle East inspired tassel would be a most suitable piece of neck attire for such a significant occasion and a wonderful keep safe of the day as well as a  beautifully elegant piece of jewellery for either you or your hound.

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Product Description

Solid Silver Collar Tassel inspired by the opulence of the Middle East

Large –  Approximately 4″ to 4.5″ Solid Silver Tassel, available with Sphere or Conical bead head each with numerous silver chain tentacles.

Alternative Sizes – Available on request, please contact us with your requirements.

All of our Solid Silver Collar Tassels are individual hand made and therefore some variation in size of bead head and chain tentacles is to be expected and is part of the unique selling point and attraction of the piece.

Please allow 10 to 14 working days for your Solid Silver Middle East Collar Tassel as they are hand made to order.

Additional Information

Solid Silver Tassel

Sphere, Conical


Polished, Highly Polished