Vizsla Milton in Red Rain Slicker
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The Rain Slicker – an ideal raincoat for dogs. This fantastic high quality raincoat for dogs can be worn alone or together with the Chilly Sweater for additional protection, during cold winter months. As well as being an excellent fit for deep chested dogs like greyhounds and whippets, the Rain Slicker raincoat for dogs, is also ideal for long haired breeds who need a little extra protection during cold winter months. It will also help combat that wet dog smell with which we are all familiar! The Rain Sticker raincoat for dogs offers 100% water and wind protection and an excellent fit if correctly measured and the quality is unmatched.

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The Rain Slicker raincoat for dogs, is highly versatile and great for cool, windy and wet spring to fall days as well as for those even present summer showers. The outer shell of the Rain Slicker offers 100% water and wind protection by using high quality 200 denier polyurethane coated nylon. The lining of the Rain Slicker raincoat for dogs is a soft and comfortable polyester micro fibre. Scotchlite 3M™ piping around the neck and rear for night time visibility and safety.

Temperature Guide: 5C to 25C All Breed and L&L Slickers: Fastened with wide strips of Velcro. Whippet Slickers: fastened with 3/4″ adjustable web strap and a durable buckle.

Care Instructions The Rain Slicker is machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle. Wash with similar colours. Fasten the buckle or Velcro before placing in washing a machine. We recommend that when washing your raincoat for dogs you use a gentle detergent as some detergents can be hard on fibres and break them down prematurely. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Fasten buckle or Velcro before placing in Dryer. Set Dryer on cool setting for 10 minutes then hang or lay flat to dry.


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All Breed XXX Small 12″ Yellow/Grey, All Breed Ex Small 14″ Yellow/Grey, All Breed Small 18″ Raspberry/Black, All Breed Medium 22″ Raspberry/Black, All Breed 22″ Blue Jay/Black “, All Breed Large 24″ Red/Grey, All Breed Large 30″ Denim Blue/Grey, All Breed Ex Large 33″ Red/Grey, All Breed Ex Large 36″ Red/Grey, Long & Lean Ex Large 33″ Yellow/Grey, Long & Lean Large 31″ Red/Grey, Long & Lean Large 31″ Yellow/Grey, Long & Lean Medium 29″ Red/Grey, Long & Lean Medium 29″ Yellow/Grey, Long & Lean Medium 29″ Yellow/Grey, Long & Lean Medium 29″ Yellow/Grey, Long & Lean Medium 29″ Blue Jay/Black, Long & Lean Medium 29″ Raspberry/Black, Long & Lean Small 26″ Yellow/Grey, Long & Lean Small 26″ Raspberry/Black, Long & Lean Ex Small 24″ Blue Jay/Black, Long & Lean Ex Small 24″ Blue Jay/Black, Whippet Large 25″ Denim Blue/Grey, Whippet Large 25″ Yellow/Grey, Whippet Medium 23″ Blue Jay/Black, Whippet Medium 23″ Blue Jay/Black, Whippet Small 21″ Blue Jay/Black, Whippet Small 21″ Raspberry/Black, Whippet Small 21″ Raspberry/Black, Whippet Small 21″ Raspberry/Black