Mr Red Breast Christmas Collar with brass hardware.
P1050644 (2)Mr Red Breast Christmas Collar with brass hardware.

Mr Red Breast Christmas Collar


Looking for a beautiful Christmas collar that speaks volumes of this time of year? Look no further than our Mr Red Breast Christmas Collar that celebrates the little red breasted bird, so closely associated with this time of year. Is it any wonder that this cheerful and colourful soul is so cherished when most other birds have migrated to warmer climates.  During the long bleak winter it is so uplifting to hear the song of the festive robin.

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Product Description

The Mr Red Breast Christmas Collar is made from 100% cotton and depicts the popular winter theme of the Christmas Robin in traditional colours of red and gold.Mr Red Breast Christmas Collar

Collar Width:

2″ and 1.5″ Martingale and 1.5″ House Collar

Size: Small 10″ to 14″  Medium 13″ to 17″ Large 16″ to 20″

Larger sizes available on request.


Solid brass, nickel plated brass or contemporary silver

Optional – 4ft coordinating navy lead edged with a contrasting webbing which compliments the fabric perfectly.

Note: Do not allow your collar to become too soiled. The Mr Red Breast Christmas Collar can be placed in a laundry bag and machine washed on a gentle cycle or it can be hand wash.  Air dry flat and it’s as good as new!.



Additional Information


Small, Medium, Large


2″ Full Loop Martingale, 1.5″ Fully Loop Martingale, 1.5″ House Collar


Traditional Solid Brass, Traditional Nickel Plaited Brass, Contemporary Silver

Coordinating Lead

4ft Navy Luxury Swiss Velvet Lead with contrasting webbing, No Lead