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Greyhound Hand Painted Ceramic Mug -25% OFF


Beautiful Greyhound Hand Painted Ceramic Mug.

Ancestors of Sight Hounds first appeared amongst Middle Eastern nomadic tribes. Bred for hunting at speed, the elegant Greyhound reportedly dates back as far as 4000BC. Later bred largely in Great Britain for hunting and racing this hound is known to reach up to speeds of 45mph in three strides. Traditionally, at the end of their racing career Greyhounds easily adapt to the life of a loving pet. The sweet natured sociable yet cautious Greyhound has a personality that wants to please and a tendency to bond deeply with their master. Sharing your life with a greyhound will provide a lifetime of enrichment.

We have only two of the gorgeous greyhound mugs available so we are offering a 25% discount.

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This stunning Blue Witch Greyhound Hand Painted Ceramic Mug is made from best quality ceramic. Being both microwave and dishwasher safe, they can be used functionally or simply as a decorative piece taking pride of place in your home. As enchanting as the hounds they portray, they would make a beautiful gift to yourself or anyone who adores these wonderful breeds.


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