Great White North - Long and Lean in Red
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Great White North Winter Dog Coat


The Great White North Winter Dog Coat is for Active Dogs and designed for maximum warmth, durability and safety in mind. The fantastic design makes for a perfect fit for your hound and the quality of materials of the Great White North Winter Coat for Dogs is unmatched. Function with flair makes this coat a must have for all short haired active dogs or hounds that just feel the cold. The Chilly Dogs Great White North Winter Dog Coat is ideal for greyhounds and other deep chested breeds due to the superior fit perfected over many years by the designer. The Great White North is also available in two Italian Greyhound sizes.

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Temperature Guide: -10C to -30C.

NOTE: Please be aware that it will most likely be necessary for us to order your Great White North Winter Dog Coat directly from Canada.

Please allow 7 to 10 working days for your order to arrive in the UK. In busy periods it will take longer.

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Product Description

The Great White North - Winter Coat for DogsGreat White North - Long and Lean in RedThe Great White North Winter Dog Coat for Active Dogs is designed by Chilly Dogs® for maximum warmth, durability and safety in mind. The Great White North Winter Dog Coat features an “Easy On, Easy Off” design. The coat is simply slipped over the dog’s head then the “Y” shaped belly panel is pulled down and back between the front legs, then pulled up over the dog’s back where the buckles are fastened and the webbing is adjusted. Chilly Dogs® coats are not custom made to each dogs specifications but with over 10 years of measuring  all kinds of breeds they have successfully perfected their pattern to fit every possible shape of dog. The measurements you include in your order are requested so we can double check that you have ordered the best size coat for your dog so we ask that you please take the time to measure carefully.

Improved Design: Chilly Dogs® has improved the design and fit of their flagship Great White North Winter Coat for Active Dogs. Velcro™ has been added to the body and belly panel on all the L&L coats and the All Breed M-22″ to XL-38″ coats. With the addition of the Velcro™ they have created a more form fitting coat suitable for active dogs and hounds that are deep chested, for example Greyhounds, Vizslas and Dobermans. The buckle system still remains on all the GWN coat which adds to the great fit.

Harnesses: The Great White North Winter Dog Coats does not Great White North Worn with Harnesshave a hole in the coat for a D-ring connection to the leash due to the varieties and styles of harnesses on the market. We suggest that you adjust your favourite Harness to be worn over the coat.

Care Instructions: Machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle. Wash with similar colours. Fasten the buckle or Velcro before placing in your washing  machine. We recommend that you use a gentle detergent as some detergents can be hard on fibres and break them down prematurely. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Fabric softener will prevent the fleece lining from retaining heat within the fleece fibres. Fasten buckle or Velcro before placing in a dryer. Set your dryer on a cool setting for 10 minutes then hang or lay flat to dry.

Additional Information

Coat Type

All Breed, Long and Lean, Whippet, Italian Greyhound

Coat Size

XX Small, X Small, Small, Medium, Large, X Large

Coat Length

8", 10", 12" mini, 14 mini, 12", 14", 15″, 16", 17″, 18", 19", 20", 21", 22", 23", 24", 25", 26", 27", 29", 30", 31", 33", 36", 38"


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