borzoi Hand Painted Ceramic Mug

Borzoi Hand Painted Ceramic Mug


Beautiful Borzoi Hand Painted Ceramic Mug.

Nicknamed the ‘Russian Wolfhound’, the sleek and elegant Borzoi was bred to hunt wolves and course game. Breeders created the Borzoi by crossing a Russian breed with an Arab Greyhound. The Borzoi is very dignified, quite docile and can sometimes appear aloof but makes an affectionate pet.

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Product Description

This stunning Blue Witch Borzoi hand painted mug is made in best quality ceramic. Being both microwave and dishwasher safe, it can be used functionally or simply as a decorative piece taking pride of place in your home. As enchanting as the hounds they portray, they would make a beautiful gift to yourself or anyone who adores these wonderful breeds.