1 Inch Dog Collar seen here left - Caramel, middle Ink, bottom -  Forest
From left - Scarlet, Caramel, Forest, Treacle, Liquorice, Ink, Grape.Beautiful and traditional Solid Brass Hardware with additional keeper for a stylish and individual look.From left - Liquorice,Grape, Caramel, Forest, Treacle, Scarlet.Black and BrownTop, Caramel, below Forest.

1 Inch Leather Dog Collar – Was £20.00 Now £10.00


REDUCED TO £10.00 – Our 1 Inch Leather Dog Collar have been reduced to make way for a new collection. Made in the UK from beautiful subtle vegetable dyed Italian style leather and available in a range of beautiful traditional colours. Edged in black, our 1 Inch Leather Dog Collar is fitted with top of the range solid brass hardware, including robust D ring and sturdy brass keeper as our point of difference which makes this a very stylish collar indeed.



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Product Description

We have introduced a 1 Inch Leather Dog Collar extending our range to include ‘All Breeds’. Due to customer demand we have commissioned a 1 Inch Leather Dog Collar with matching lead which would not be out of place in town or country and on any breed of dog. Our 1 Inch Leather Dog Collar is available in seven colours. Liquorice, Caramel and Treacle are wonderfully traditional and look good on any colour or breed. Scarlet is reminiscent of the traditional uniform of the Household Cavalry or of Catholic Cardinals in scarlet robes. Ink is our blue while Forest and Grape add an earthy flavour to the range. Our 1 Inch Leather Dog Collar is available in four standard sizes.

Sizes :

Ex Small                 9” to 14”  WAS £18.00 NOW £10.00

Small                     11” to 14”  WAS £19.00 NOW £10.00

Medium                 13” to 18”  WAS £20.00 NOW £10.00

Large                     15” to 20”  WAS £21.00 NOW £10.00


We also have Sight Hound Collars suitable for Salukis, Greyhounds, Whippets and Lurchers.

Additional Information

Collar Colour

Liquorice, Treacle, Caramel, Scarlet, Forest, Grape, Ink

Collar Size

Ex Small 9” to 14”, Small 11” to 14”, Medium 13” to 18, Large 15” to 20”